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My advice for girls who are waiting for their Prince Charming is to be open for anything. Be open to new experiences, be open to the idea that it may take longer than you want, but if you're open to meeting new people and new adventures, then love will come along.

- Lily Collins
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ACTRESS Lily Collins, The Love, Rosie star (and Phil Collins’ daughter), 25, chats about Karl Lagerfeld, baking and being ‘just friends’.

I didn’t expect you to speak with an American accent. In your new movie, Love, Rosie, you sound perfectly English.

I was born in Sussex, England, so when I was five I had a British accent.

And can I tell you something strange? When I had to speak with a British accent for the film, I felt so much more ‘me’ than I ever do speaking with my normal American accent.

It was weird.

The movie is about a pair of best friends who are secretly in love with each other. It taps into the question of whether boys and girls can be platonic friends. What do you think?

I’ve thought about this a little.

When you’re attracted to someone as a friend, you’re attracted for multiple reasons that far exceed sexuality.

Sometimes that love and affection can get confusing.

You wonder, “Am I attracted to this person because I want to be with them, or is it because I just really like hanging out with them?” You have to try to decipher where those feelings are coming from.

My conclusion is that it’s totally possible to be in a relationship while not in a ‘relationship’.

Does that get more complicated in Hollywood?


I can go out for lunch with a girlfriend and the press will say, “Lily goes to lunch with a friend.”

If it’s with a boy, it’s, like, rumour mill! And for me, I feel like saying, “Wait a second guys, are you saying that guys and girls can’t be friends? Because I’m pretty sure we can be!”

What about when you’re in a romantic relationship? It’s never not going to be odd, being with someone you love and being followed and having your picture taken.

I find honesty is key.

So long as you’re on the same page and are open about what a weird and unnatural situation it is, you can just face the weirdness and go, “OK, whatever.” That makes it a lot easier.

We spotted you at the Chanel couture show a couple of months ago …

Yes! I’ve never been to a couture show before and it was so much fun.

I wore half Chanel couture and the other half of me was wearing Barrie, the Chanel knitwear line, which is the other campaign I did.

I’ve always been obsessed by fashion.

I wanted to be a designer when I was younger, so to be invited to go to Chanel …

Have you met Karl Lagerfeld?

I love Karl; he shot my Barrie campaign.

I’ve known him for a couple of years now and he’s just a genius.

He’s such a character, a visionary, and he obviously takes everything he does so seriously.

But he also has an amazing laissez-faire way of embracing life.

I wasn’t expecting that and it’s such a great mix.

We looked for you on Instagram and there are about 30 people pretending to be you.

I know! It’s bizarre.

That’s why I decided to make an official one and actually use it. It’s ‘lilyjcollins’.

I like the idea of just being able to put an image out there with a small quote.

After that, people can see whatever they want to see.

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, has her own Twitter account. Do you have one for your equally famous eyebrows?

There is one, although I don’t run it. Isn’t that bizarre? But … flattering.

They seem to have a celebrity status all of their own. Are they insured for thousands of dollars?

No, they’re not [laughs].

I’ve actually done less and less to them over the few years.

Once in a while, if there’s a stray hair I’ll take it out, but the less I touch them, the less there is to maintain.

How does your dad [singer Phil Collins] feel about your success?

Up until recently, he was mainly living in Switzerland so he wasn’t exposed to the media frenzy every day.

I would send him things and I think he’s been surprised how quickly it began happening.

So am I! I guess he’s just like any dad, bragging about his kids.

OK, but what about when you’re not working? What’s your life like then?

It’s pretty normal.

Well, there’s nothing normal about being followed by photographers! But otherwise, I go to exercise group classes with my friends, and the movies, and for coffee, and dinners.

During awards season, I might go to a party, but mostly I like baking and going to vintage shops.


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